Structural Materials Engineering

Research Interests:

Materials science, concrete; FRPs, shotcrete, fiber composites, 3D printing, carbon-neutrality, rehabilitation, sensors, self-healing materials, biomimicry

Research Interests:

Concrete polymer composites
Fiber reinforced geopolymer composites
Waste recycling
Durability of concrete

Research Interests:

Guiding graduate and undergraduate students in Applied Science with the language proficiencies, knowledge of rhetorical strategies and genre expectations of their profession; assisting students to succeed as professionals in both their scholarly writing and speaking; investigation of the gap between international students’ assumptions about success and an Applied Science professor’s measurement of that success.

Research Interests:

Computational mechanics

Multi-physics simulation

Fracture mechanics

Reduced Order Models and Machine Learning

Research Interests:

Utilization of waste materials and industrial by-products in cement composites

Long-term durability performance of cement-based materials

Alkali silica reactivity in cement composites

Smart and sustainable repair materials

Application of macro and nanofibrillated cellulose as internal curing and self-healing agents in cement composites

Non-destructive assessment and structural health monitoring of concrete structures

Research Interests:

Novel Construction Materials; Concrete Technology; Integrated Structures-Materials Schemes; Engineered Cementitious Composites; Micromechanics; Smart Sensors; Structural Rehabilitation; Heritage Restoration; Seismic Retrofit; Masonry; Structural Health Monitoring; Non-Destructive Testing; Structural Dynamics; Impact Loading; Early Warning Systems.

Research Interests:

Finite element analysis; Mechanics of composite materials; Constitutive modeling of engineering materials, Plasticity, Damage mechanics; Process modeling of composite structures; Analysis of impact and blast loading of metallic and composite structures.

Research Interests:

Infrastructure repair and durability, sustainable construction materials, alternative cementitious materials, durability of concrete structures, historical heritage structures, concrete-concrete bond, numerical analysis of reinforced concrete structures, early-age thermal cracking, fiber reinforced concrete.