Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

The safety of all students, staff and faculty is a top priority in the Department of Civil Engineering. Everyone is responsible, at all times, for striving to exceed the minimum legal safety standards set forth by the Workers Compensation Act, WHMIS, and other regulatory bodies to reduce the risk involved with working in our facilities.

The Department of Civil Engineering has an HSE Team made up of faculty, staff, and graduate students that meets monthly to discuss issues of Health, Safety and Environmental impact that affect the Department, and to review any safety incidents that have occurred. The minutes of each meeting are available for all to review, and can be found on the HSE bulletin boards in the Department.

The Department provides an HSE orientation for all faculty members, staff and students. For undergraduate students, an orientation will be provided as part of key lab courses. Please see Workplace Training (under the left side menu) for information on training requirements.

HSE News

Civil Engineering HSE News is circulated by email yearly, to inform Civil faculty, staff, and students of important safety updates in the Department. View all past editions of Civil Engineering HSE News below.

*New Issue – Summer/Fall 2023*

Third Issue – Winter/Spring 2021*

Second Issue – Spring 2019

First Issue – Fall 2017