Student & Alumni Profiles

“Just trying to be the anti-Kipling”

Aleesha Hsu
BASc ’21

“Make a visible difference in the world”

Florence Belanger-Jones
BASc ’20

“Engineering straddles the line between science and art”

Julia Dinglasan
BASc ’20

“Empowered by female role models”

Jezara Ebel
BASc ‘22

“Creating disaster resilient communities”

Preetish Kakoty
PhD ‘22

“Supporting women in engineering”

Kelsie Priest
BASc ‘19

“I gained a passion for research”

Hossein Forooza
PhD ‘21

“Have a solid plan ahead”

Freddy Pina
PhD ’11

“This has been my dream job”

Sazid Saman
MASc ‘10