Graduate FAQ

Academic Advising

For academic advising, please contact your Specialty Advisor and/or Research Supervisor.

Course Registration

Please see your Specialty Advisor or Research Supervisor before registering in courses. Then register directly for all courses using the online registration system, including adding or dropping courses. If you are unable to do so, and require the Department to register you in a Civil Engineering course, please complete and submit the Course Registration Form.

Graduate students wishing to register in undergraduate courses must first receive the permission of their supervisor to take the course as a part of their program.  Students must then fill out the online Undergraduate Course Registration Form.

NOTE FOR GRADUATE STUDENTSGraduate students are allowed only 6 credits of undergraduate coursework to be used towards completion of  their graduate program. Graduate students should discuss any undergraduate courses with their supervisor or specialty advisor before requesting registration.

You will be contacted about the change only if there is a problem. For courses in another Department, please contact that Department directly.

Graduate Research Assistantship

If you are to be appointed as a Graduate Research Assistant, please request your Supervisor or Specialty Advisor to complete the necessary paperwork and submit it to the Civil Finance office.

Study Permits

Don’t forget if you renew your study permit, you must also renew your MSP and SIN. You can apply for a new study permit 60-90 days before it expires. Please consult the International Students website for more information on how to apply for a study/work permit renewal.

Unclassified Students

An unclassified student is one who is enrolled for studies not intended to lead to a particular degree or diploma. Unclassified students should have previously completed a recognized post-secondary degree. A student may also enroll as an unclassified student for the following reasons:

  • to upgrade their grade point average by taking additional courses at the senior undergraduate level; or
  • to make up specific prerequisite courses which are required for admission into specific graduate programs; or
  • to make up one additional year because the applicant only holds a three-year undergraduate degree.

Admission as an unclassified student does not guarantee admission into any UBC course offered.  Civil Engineering courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels experience heavy demand, and regular students are given priority to register in all courses before Unclassified students are admitted

For more information and to apply as an unclassified student, please visit Non-Degree Studies.