Undergraduate Academic Advising

Academic advising is shared between the Department of Civil Engineering and the Engineering Academic Services (EAS) office. Your key contacts for academic advising will depend on the nature of your inquiries.

What would you like help with?

Program administration, student experience & support, etc.

For questions related to:

Program AdministrationStudent Experience & Support
• Course registration
• Academic Progress Report
• Scholarship applications
• Any other administrative matters related to your program
• Referrals to on-campus resources
• Help with stress & maintaining wellbeing
• Feedback on overall program

Please contact Undergraduate Support:

Genna Tutland
Undergraduate Student Support
Room: CEME 2005
E: undergradsupport@civil.ubc.ca
T: 604-827-5824

Academic Accommodation and Academic Concession

Students facing academic difficulties should be aware that accommodations and concessions may be an option for them. It is important that you use the below resources as soon as you develop concerns about your ability to succeed academically in a given term.

  • Academic accommodation. Students with a disability may apply for academic accommodation through the Centre for Accessibility.
  • Academic concessionOtherwise, to explore the possibility of being granted an academic concession, please use the Academic Concession Request forms administered by Engineering Academic Services.

Course equivalency assessments, technical electives, career outlook, etc.

For questions related to:

  • Whether a course taken at UBC or another institution is equivalent to a specific CIVL course
  • Selection of technical electives, or
  • General information about the discipline and the profession

Please contact the relevant Faculty Advisor below (depending on your current year-level):

Before you meet with your Faculty Advisor

If you wish to meet with your Faculty Advisor, please:

  • First, review course registration and FAQ pages on the Department website to see if your question is answered there.
  • If you are unsure of whether your question should be directed to a Faculty Advisor, please send it to undergradsupport@civil.ubc.ca and your concern will be answered or directed to the best person.
  • Email you Faculty Advisor to set up an appointment ask your question. Please clearly state your question at the beginning of the email and include your name, student number and program year.

Please contact your Faculty Advisor:

Second-year Advisor

Dr. Yahya Nazhat
CEME – Room 2015
Phone: 604.822.0581

Third-year Advisor

Dr. Carlos Molina-Hutt
CEME – Room 2007
Phone: 604.822.2196

Fourth-year Advisor

Dr. Perry Adebar
CEME – Room 2033
Phone: 604.822.6820

First-year engineering, complementary studies electives, registration in APSC courses, etc.

For questions related to:

  • First Year Engineering program at UBC
  • Complementary studies electives (humanities and social sciences component) requirements
  • Registration in APSC courses
  • Academic accommodation / academic concession, if unresolved at the instructor level
  • Exchange programs, transfer credits and credit equivalencies
  • Registration in supplemental exams
  • Application for deferred exams

Please contact:

Engineering Academic Services

Open Monday to Friday from 9 am – 4 pm (Thursday from 10:30 – 4 pm)

Click here for more info and to book an appointment.