Course Registration

Registration Process

Coursework requirements for completing the Civil Engineering program are found on the UBC Academic Calendar.

As an engineering student, your course selection options are limited. Please make sure that you register for all core courses that are required for your program individually (see here). If you encounter any difficulties in registration in CIVL courses, please use this Course Registration Form or contact All registration issues will be resolved in August before the term 1 starts and in December before term 2 starts.

  • Core: Please contact for support in registration into core courses.
  • Elective: You must self register via Workday.
  • Non-CIVL: please contact the respective department directly to resolve any registration issue(s)
  • Please note there are a few electives courses that students must register:
    • Complementary Studies Elective (3 credits) and Fourth-Year Technical Electives (15 credits)

If a course is full, please register for the waitlist. The waitlist is automatically managed by Workday and you will receive a spot once one becomes available to you. If you need more support, please email indicating your program year level and student number. The department will issue you a token so that you may register for any required courses.

Co-op Program

Many students choose to gain co-op work experience during their third year. Co-op students in Civil Engineering normally take one term of courses in third year and spend the other term on a co-op placement.

Please be mindful that the co-op program may extend the length of your degree. For more information about Engineering Co-op, please visit the APSC Co-op website.

Course Substitutions

Substitutions for any of the courses listed are only permitted with explicit approval of your Third- or Fourth-year Advisor. Approvals are typically granted only for students participating in exchange programs.

To secure approval, please e-mail your request to the Advisor with the following:

  • Course number and title of original course
  • Course number, title, institution and description of proposed replacement course
  • Short rationale.

Course Conflict

Registration in courses that result in timetable conflicts require the approval of each instructor and your faculty advisor. Please complete the Course Conflict Form and submit your signed form to Engineering Academic Services.

Undergrads Enrolling in Graduate Courses

Students must have completed at least 75% (normally equivalent to 36 credits) of the 300 and 400 level courses required for their bachelor degree, and must have a minimum overall average of 76% (B+) in their completed 300 and 400 level courses.

Students must have the academic preparation to complete the graduate course and must have completed any necessary course prerequisites.

If you meet eligibility requirements outlined above, please fill out this form and submit to Engineering Academic Services.

Graduate Students Enrolling in Undergrad Courses

Graduate students are allowed only 6 credits of undergraduate coursework to be used towards completion of their program. Please discuss any undergraduate courses with your supervisor before requesting registration.