Program Guide

The Civil Engineering Program is designed to progressively build on knowledge from sequences of courses. The Curriculum Map (inset) provides information regarding the sequence in which courses must be taken to ensure relevant prerequisites are met.  

It is your responsibility to ensure that courses are taken in the required sequence and that you meet degree completion requirements. Please consult your Academic Progress Report in Workday. If you need to make any changes to your course order, please reach out to your academic advisor or

Select a year-level below for more detail on specific program requirements and opportunities you should be aware of in advance of course planning.

Second year

Term 1
CIVL 203Technical Communication in Civil Engineering
CIVL 204Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
CIVL 230Solid Mechanics
EOSC 210Earth Science for Engineers
MATH 253Multivariable Calculus
Term 2
CIVL 210Solid Mechanics I
CIVL 215Fluid Mechanics I
CIVL 231Structural Mechanics
STAT 251Elementary Statistics
MATH 256Differential Equations
APSC 278Engineering Materials
APSC 279Engineering Materials Lab
CIVL 235Plane Surveying

For more information on CIVL 235, please click the links on the side.

Third year

Term 1
CIVL 301Modelling and Decision-making in Civil Engineering
CIVL 303Computational Tools in Civil Engineering
CIVL 311Soil Mechanics II
CIVL 315Fluid Mechanics II
CIVL 320Civil Engineering Materials
CIVL 332Structural Analysis
Term 2
CIVL 300Construction Engineering and Management
CIVL 302Civil Engineering Impacts
CIVL 305Introduction to Environmental Engineering Applications
CIVL 316Hydrology and Open Channel Flow
CIVL 331Steel and Timber Design
CIVL 340Transportation Engineering I

Fourth year

Term 1
CIVL 402Professionalism and Law in Civil Engineering
CIVL 430Design of Concrete Structures
CIVL 445Civil Engineering Design Project I
Term 2
CIVL 403Engineering Economic Analysis
CIVL 409Municipal Engineering
CIVL 446Civil Engineering Design Project II

Students are expected to fill out their timetable with fourth-year technical electives.

In case of any discrepancies between this page and the UBC Academic Calendar, the Calendar is to be considered correct.