Dr. Rushdi Alsaleh joined the department of Civil Engineering as a postdoctoral research fellow in December 2021. Dr. Alsaleh obtained his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Transportation Engineering) from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) in 2021. He has participated in several consulting projects in traffic safety in North America and internationally. Dr. Alsaleh’s research has been focused on improving road safety analysis and evaluation techniques, developing novel techniques for analyzing and modeling active road user in shared spaces using recent advances in machine learning (ML), improving the current knowledge of the safety implications of highway designs, and developing and evaluating Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

Research Interests

Active travel behavior (walking and bicycling), Safety evaluations, Traffic conflicts techniques, Pedestrian modeling, ITS, Risk Analysis, Machine Learning, Game Theory, Sequential Decision-Making, and Stochastic Modeling.

Awards & Recognitions

2019, Canadian Transport Research Forum Award, Canadian Transport Research Forum (CTRF)
2016-2021, Graduate Research Fellowship, University of British Columbia


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