Dr. Siegfried F. Stiemer

Professor Emeritus

Structural & Earthquake Engineering


Email: sigi@civil.ubc.ca


Dr. Siegfried Stiemer completed his Master’s and Doctoral degrees at the University of Stuttgart prior to joining the Department of Civil Engineering in 1981. His research focuses on the development of software tools to aid in the conceptualization, design and analysis of steel structures, the invention of innovative composite structures and the construction of large-scale telescopes. He has advised governments and industry both in Canada and abroad on the design and fabrication of composite and steel structures. Dr. Stiemer’s innovative work in the development of object-oriented finite element analysis software garnered him the prestigious E. Whitman Wright award of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (1991) and the Alexander von Humboldt Scholarship (1987).

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Research Interests

Steel design, adaptive structures, knowledge management, composite designs, investigations on and modeling of complex structural systems.


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