Svetlana Brzev


Structural & Earthquake Engineering


Dr. Svetlana Brzev has more than 30 years of consulting and research experience related to structural and seismic design and retrofitting of masonry structures in Canada and several other countries. Her research has been focused on seismic behaviour and practical design and construction issues related to masonry structures. She served as a member of the Technical Committee responsible for developing current Canadian masonry design standard (CSA S304-14) and is a member of the Technical Committee 250/SC8/WG1 responsible for developing Eurocode 8 provisions for seismic design of masonry buildings. She has been actively involved in several international initiatives related to promoting safe housing in seismically active regions, such as the EERI-sponsored World Housing Encyclopedia and Confined Masonry Network. Dr. Brzev served as a Director and Vice-President of EERI, a Director of the Masonry Society, and is currently a Director of the International Association for Earthquake Engineering. Dr. Brzev has co-authored two books related to design of masonry structures and a textbook on design of reinforced concrete structures and numerous papers and publications.

Research Interests

Masonry and reinforced concrete structures: seismic design and retrofitting Seismic risk assessment Seismic isolation and passive energy dissipation devices

Awards & Recognitions

2017-present, Director, International Association for Earthquake Engineering

2016, Honorary Professor, International University of Innovation Technologies, Kyrgyzstan

2016, Outstanding Achievement Award, Global Earthquake Model, Italy

2015, Fellow, Engineers Canada

2015, Outstanding Paper Award, 12th North American Masonry Conference, USA

2011, Teaching Excellence Award, British Columbia Institute of Technology


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