Dr. Amy Kim and Dr. Tarek Sayed receives 2022 UBC Faculty Research Awards

Dr. Amy Kim and Dr. Tarek Sayed are among the 2022 recipients for UBC’s prestigious Killam Research Prize and Accelerator Fellowship. Killam Research Awards recognize individual researchers who demonstrate outstanding potential and impact in their respective fields. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Amy Kim and Dr. Tarek Sayed!

Dr. Kim received a UBC Killam Accelerator Research Fellowship

Associate Professor Amy Kim aims to better inform the planning of transportation systems to ensure they are more adaptable, robust, and resilient to a changing world. Her approach involves collaborating with researchers across disciplines, and working with practitioners in wildfire emergency management, transportation infrastructure decisions under climate change impacts to ensure transportation resilience under extreme weather conditions. Her research also integrates analysis of air and ground transportation systems.

In recognition of her outstanding research potential, Dr. Kim received the UBC Killam Accelerator Research Fellowship. Awarded to only 6 individuals annually, the Fellowship provides scholars with teaching release and funding to advance their research.

To learn more about Dr. Kim and her research, please visit her Faculty Profile.

Dr. Sayed awarded a UBC Killam Research Prize

Dr. Tarek Sayed was awarded the UBC Killam Research Prize for his outstanding research and scholarly contributions in the area of transportation engineering. Dr. Sayed is a UBC Distinguished University Scholar and a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair of Transportation Safety and Advanced Mobility.

Dr. Sayed’s research aims to improve the methods of traffic safety analysis and evaluation to reshape how road safety problems are identified and evaluated. The methods and techniques developed have received wide recognition and are being used by several agencies such as the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), US State Farm Insurance, US AAA Michigan, and the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

To learn more about Dr. Sayed’s research, please visit his Faculty Profile.

Congratulations, Dr. Kim and Dr. Sayed!