Safety Compliance

The Civil Engineering program includes several courses that require laboratory work and fieldwork. In our department, we strive to create a culture of safety for students, staff, and faculty. Following our safety policies and practices are paramount, both with respect to your learning and to assuring the safety of yourself and those around you. The courses listed below contain laboratory experiments or field work.

Before entry into the labs for each of these courses, you must complete the relevant Safety Video and successfully complete a Safety Quiz, then submit a signed Statement of Responsibility and Conduct. CIVL 231 also includes a Safety Training Session. Some requirements are common to more than one course and so need to be met once for such courses. The completion of the various requirements and verification of compliance is monitored through Canvas. Further details are available through each of the course instruction sheets.

Second Year
CIVL 210Soil Mechanics I
CIVL 231Structural Mechanics
CIVL 235Plane Surveying
Third Year
CIVL 311Soil Mechanics II
CIVL 315Fluid Mechanics II
CIVL 316Hydrology and Open Channel Flow
Fourth Year
CIVL 430Design of Concrete Structures