2021 Term 1 Student Advising Protocol

Inquiry TypeHow to Get in Touch
Quick Questions

1 to 5 minute question
(registration issues, course conflicts, program or process info, resources, contact info, directions, etc.)
Zoom Drop-in Advising

Tues/Wed @ 1:30-2pm

Zoom link: https://bit.ly/3C5n5YA
Passcode: 676321

or Phone: 604-827-5821 (Kali)

Zoom link: https://bit.ly/393v7ET
Passcode: Amt2F8

or Phone: 604-822-4429 (Kevin)

No appointment is required. During advising hours, join via the QR codes or links above. Wait times will vary.
More Complex Advising

Multiple questions, 5+ minutes (degree/course planning, etc.)
Email for answers or to book virtual advising appointment:

Kali: undergradsupport@civil.ubc.ca

Kevin: gradsupport@civil.ubc.ca