Discussing earthquakes in BC

Monday, October 17, 2016 | By Lindsay Cashin

Professor Perry Adebar, Professor Carlos Ventura, and Kent Johansen from the EERF spoke to CBC Radio’s Fault Lines podcast about the issues surrounding earthquakes in B.C.

Prof. Adebar noted that certain structures would be of more concern in a large quake. “Generally speaking the average Vancouver house will do extremely well,” he said. “It’s the high-rise condos, the older ones particularly, where we worry a bit more.”

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Prof. Adebar also spoke with CBC about the threat of mass homelessness in the aftermath of a major earthquake in BC.

Strict building codes require structures to be designed for “life safety,” meaning residential buildings will most likely remain standing in the event of an earthquake. “But the code doesn’t ensure that a building can be usable. So people will leave the building safely and perhaps never re-enter,” says Prof. Adebar.