All CIVL courses to remain online until February 7, 2022

Update on January 27, 2022: UBC Engineering returning to in-person classes on February 7

Dear students, 

Due to the experiential nature of the learning and requirements within the Faculty of Applied Science, Dr. Olson recently made an announcement that some labs, group projects, capstone projects, studios and other experiential-based classes in Applied Science will start resuming in person, as of January 24

However, within the Department of Civil Engineering, you should expect all CIVL courses, including labs and capstone projects, to be delivered online until February 7th. 

At this time, you should make plans to be in Vancouver in advance of this date so that you can return to campus on February 7th.

As always, our Student Services team is available to provide guidance and support as you move through the term.

If you have any further questions, please contact Kali at for undergraduate program matters, and Kevin at for graduate program matters. They will be happy to assist you or direct you to appropriate contacts and resources on campus.