Celebrating the 3rd Annual UBC Design & Innovation Day

Celebrating its 3rd consecutive year, the UBC Design & Innovation Day on April 4th showcased UBC Engineering students’ capstone projects, design initiatives, and research activities throughout the academic term. Capstone design projects are a major component of the UBC Engineering curriculum where undergraduate students have the opportunity to design a product or service, and solve an open-ended problem within their chosen discipline. Forming groups of four to six team members, students were responsible for overseeing everything from idea generation to product deployment to prototype building and finally, to presenting their overarching findings and key solutions.

The Design & Innovation Day began with outstanding hands-on demonstrations and interactive presentations from undergraduate students during the showcase portion of the event. This was followed by an awards reception at UBC’s Life Sciences Centre where prize winners for the year’s top projects were announced. This exciting interdisciplinary event featured students from nine of UBC Engineering’s distinct prestigious programs including Chemical and Biological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Integrated Engineering, and our very own Civil Engineering department.

Civil & Geotechnical Engineer, Dr. Yahya Nazhat, was this year’s Department of Civil Engineering’s faculty representative. Ranging from topics on a “Railway Crossing Overpass” to a “Multiple Use Storm-Water Facility”, six groups of civil engineering students showcased their outstanding research projects and their impacts and contributions to society.

We were excited to celebrate with the students, professors, industry representatives, and community members that all make up the Faculty of Applied Science’s vast network of innovators, collaborators, and key players. Congratulations to all the students that participated in UBC Engineering’s most monumental event!