Civil student to trek to Everest Base Camp for Tanzania Heart Babies Project

Civil Engineering undergrad student Kunal Sethi, far left, will be trekking to Everest Base Camp this spring as a member of the Tanzania Heart Babies Project team.

This summer, a team of 12 UBC students, including a Civil Engineering undergrad, are travelling to Nepal to trek to the base camp of Mt. Everest in honour of Tanzania Heart Babies Project. The Everest trek is a campaign to highlight the potential healthy people have to challenge themselves, both physically and mentally, in order to reach new heights. Through this campaign and other fund raising events around campus, the trekkers’ goal is to raise a total of USD $50,000 to support the surgeries of 20 Tanzanian children.

Tanzania Heart Babies Project is an initiative by UBC students that aims to raise funds and awareness for children in Tanzania born with congenital heart disease. Statistics reveal that 1 out of 200 children in Tanzania is born with congenital heart disease with an average life expectancy of only 19 years. Since Tanzania lacks pediatric cardiac surgery facilities, these children are sent to India for open-heart surgeries at a highly subsidized cost of USD $2,500 per child.

Tanzania Heart Babies Project welcomes any assistance in terms of donations, sponsors or relevant contact information. Donations received will solely go towards funding for surgeries and NOT towards funding of the Everest trip.

The team have special offers for donors donating above a certain amount whereby your name/organization will be advertised on their website, Facebook page and on the banner that they will take to Everest to use for promotional purposes in mass media. Visit Tanzania Heart Babies Project online or on Facebook for more information about the initiative.