Concrete Canoe takes shape!

Friday, March 4, 2016 | By Lindsay Cashin

UBC Concrete Canoe has successfully cast their 2015/2016 vessel! Over 35 team members came together over Reading Week to bring this year’s design to life – a process that required mixing over 350lb of lightweight concrete, then carefully forming it by hand in a specially designed foam mould. Casting Day was the culmination of a solid weekend’s worth of preparation, not to mention months of planning and experimenting to get the design just right. This year’s canoe boasts many new design features, including new materials and a more streamlined hull shape. With these innovations, the team hopes to blow last year’s third place result out of the water to set a new record for UBC Concrete Canoe!

The canoe must now set for four weeks before it’s ready to be taken out of the mould and can hit the water. In the meantime, team members will be busy preparing for the first competition of the year, the ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition in Moscow, Idaho, coming up in April. The countdown is on!

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Below: Watch Casting Day from start to finish – in just over a minute!