Congratulations Civil Class of 2015!

Monday, June 8, 2015 | By Lindsay Cashin

On May 26, 2015, a Graduation Celebration for the Civil Engineering Class of 2015 took place in the Bachelor of International Economics Student Space. A large number of graduating students attended with their friends and family members to celebrate their achievement.

Several graduating students were honoured for their achievements during their time at UBC. Undergraduate Academic Achievement Awards went to: Justin Brown, who was the head of the graduating class with an overall average of 90.33%; Jack Crabtree, who had an overall average of 90.19%; and Lynn Thomas Machacek, who had an overall average of 88.3%.

Two students were selected to receive Civil Engineering Undergraduate Leadership Awards this year: Alyssa Schultz, for her outstanding leadership as President of the Civil Club; and Charles Noftall, President of the UBC CSCE Student Chapter which, for the first time in UBC history, was recently selected to win the CSCE President’s Best Student Chapter Award.

The following students received a Civil Engineering Undergraduate Design Award for their excellent coursework as a group: Paul Docherty, Christopher Durin Ajoi, Michael Fulop, Evan Peatt, Simon Pelta, and Bob Shi. This team was one of 20 design groups in CIVL 446, Engineering Design and Analysis II. The team’s design was judged to have addressed most of the courses’ design requirements and the group’s overall performance in both courses was amongst the best. The combined mark for the conceptual design, poster presentation, detailed project proposal, oral presentation and final report was the highest in the class.  All six team members worked hard on the design project and carried it out in a professional manner.

The reception was a memorable occasion for all who attended, and a fitting celebration for many parents and other loved ones who stood so proudly alongside the students throughout their studies and during the momentous occasion of graduation. Congratulations to the Civil Engineering Class of 2015!