CSCE Student Chapter celebrates International Steel Day

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 | By Lindsay Cashin

The UBC Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) Student Chapter toured two Vancouver steel manufacturing facilities to celebrate International Steel Day on September 16. Pacific Bolt Manufacturing Ltd. and George Third & Son both opened the doors of their shops to help students understand the benefits and challenges of supplying structural steel for some of Vancouver’s largest projects.

The Student Chapter’s first stop was at Pacific Bolt, where they enjoyed a smoked BBQ lunch followed by a tour of the shop. “We were shown the process of heating, forming, and threading various high capacity bolts for highways, bridges, and other large projects,” notes Tyler Ezzy, UBC CSCE co-president.

At George Third & Son, the Student Chapter learned about some of the unique projects the company has taken on in the past, including the production of the 60 foot tall decorative steel trees at 57th Avenue and Granville Street and the riveting of a 6 inch diameter steel shackle pin for a US Navy aircraft carrier. In the shop, they were shown some of the completed beams for an ongoing project to manufacture the structural steel beams for a custom home in Burnaby.

The UBC CSCE Student Chapter was grateful for the opportunity to visit the two facilities in honour of International Steel Day. On behalf of the Student Chapter, Tyler says: “We thank Pacific Bolt and George Third & Son for welcoming us into their shops and teaching us about the work they do!”