Fourth year Civil students build engineering design skills with unique concepts for Granville Island

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 | By Lindsay Cashin

Students in CIVL 446/447 (Civil Engineering Design and Analysis II) recently presented their completed Capstone Design Projects, which challenged them to expand on design concepts they created in CIVL 445 (Civil Engineering Design and Analysis I) for a variety of structures on Granville Island. Under the guidance of Dr. Yahya Nazhat, Professor Victor Lo, Professor Barbara Lence, and Dr. Patricia Keen, teams of six students worked together to create detailed designs for their choice of a pedestrian bridge, a multi-story car park building, shoreline protection seawall, a wastewater treatment system, or a floating restaurant. This project allowed the students to hone critical teamwork, presentation, and communication skillsets in addition to advancing their multi-discipline civil engineering design competencies.