New Civil students experience design, construction, and seismic testing on 2016 Imagine Day

Friday, September 16, 2016 | By Lindsay Cashin

UBC Civil Engineering welcomed 142 second year students to the Civil Engineering Program on Imagine Day. The new Civil students enjoyed a full-day program that began with introductions to Department leaders and a review of the Undergraduate Handbook, followed by Mission ImposCIVIL – a scavenger hunt designed to promote teamwork while orienting the students to Department facilities. The students then received an introductory technical lecture on Structural and Earthquake Engineering, which was followed by the main event: the Earthquake Engineering Design Project. Students worked in their teams to design and build a three foot tall structure made of balsa wood and cardboard that would hold up a 5-lb brick while subjected to high-intensity earthquake motions. The structures were tested on the Multiple Axis Shake Table (MAST) in the EERF. Congratulations to “Team Banthia,” whose combined Mission ImposCIVIL and structure performance scores placed them at the top!

Civil Engineering was proud to inspire and engage incoming second year students on the first day of term, and looks forward to an amazing year.

Video: Incoming second year students watch their team-built structures get tested on the EERF Multi-Axis Shake Table during 2016 Imagine UBC at Civil Engineering. Skip to 9:20 for the big “earthquake!”