New smart road technology making an impact in Thondebavi

Friday, October 14, 2016 | By Lindsay Cashin

Professor Nemy Banthia’s work to bring a new self-repairing road to the village of Thondebavi was featured in the Hindustan Times and the Times of India. Prof. Banthia’s team selected Thondebavi as the site of a project to demonstrate the new smart road technology that could help to connect rural communities.The road has recently been confirmed a success, after it lasted through the extreme heat of its first summer and monsoon season. Prof. Banthia expects the road to last about 15 years, much longer than the average two-year lifespan of a rural road in India.

The Hindustan Times article provides more detail about the road’s self-repairing properties, as well the reduced cost, materials, and carbon footprint involved in building it.

The Times of India article discusses the benefits of the new road, and the possibility for expanded use of the technology.

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