Prof. Victor Lo’s research receives $300,000 boost from BC Innovation Council

A wastewater treatment research project led by Professor Emeritus Victor Lo has received a $300,000 Ignite Award from the BC Innovation Council, to support the continued efforts to bring Prof. Lo’s “sludge-busting” solution to market.

The technology, which uses microwave radiation to pre-treat solid sewage, helps reduce the volume of biosolids resulting from the treatment process. It also increases the amount of biogas produced, which is valuable because it can be captured and used to generate heat and power for the treatment plant’s operations. A pilot project to test the new technology is currently taking place at the JAMES wastewater treatment plant in Abbotsford, BC.

Ignite Awards aim to drive BC innovation by providing funding for industry-driven academic research that solves real-world problems and leads to commercialization. The awards go to consortiums of academic researchers and companies, who are required to secure matching funds from other sources at a ration of 2:1. Prof. Lo is working with UBC Civil Engineering research associate Sergey Lobanov, who is the president of Boost Environmental Systems, Inc.; Opus International Consultants (Canada) Ltd.; and the JAMES Wastewater Treatment Plant in Abbotsford, BC on this exciting project.

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