Professor Nemy Banthia Recipient of the APSC Dean’s Medal of Distinction

Dr. Nemy Banthia has been announced as a recipient of the Faculty of Applied Science’s 2022 Dean’s Medal of Distinction. Our Faculty’s highest honour, this award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the Faculty’s vision, mission and mandate.

One of the leading experts in the world in his field, Dr. Banthia‘s research focuses on the behaviour of concrete structures under various environmental conditions. In particular, he studies the effects of temperature, moisture content, and chemical composition of concrete on the strength and durability of concrete structures.

Professor Nemy Banthia Recipient of the APSC Dean’s Medal of Distinction

Dr. Banthia’s dedication to using advanced technologies to improve the lives of people around the world has had an incredible global impact and brought great recognition to the Faculty. He has been involved in many projects related to bridge rehabilitation, earthquake resistance, and seismic retrofitting of existing infrastructure. He has also worked extensively on developing new technologies for detecting cracks and defects in concrete structures.

Dr. Banthia’s research has been extremely influential, having been cited nearly 18,000 times by other researchers. His 450 refereed papers, 9 patents, 20 monographs, and 75 doctoral and post-doctoral students have had a major impact on the field.

The sheer volume of Banthia’s research, the number of disciplines he collaborates across, and his outstanding publication record are all testament to his leadership and creative genius.

A celebrated member of the Department, Nemy’s awards include the Wason Medal of American Concrete Institute, Solutions Through Research Award of the BC Innovation Council, Wolfson Merit Award of the Royal Society of the UK, Killam Research Prize, Horst Leipholz Medal of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and the Mufti Medal of Excellence of the International Society for Health Monitoring of Infrastructure (ISHMII).

Recently, Dr. Banthia received the Global Citizen Award from alumniUBC, a Distinguished Alumni Award from IIT-Delhi, and the Jacob Biely Prize from UBC. Among others, he is Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the National Academy of Engineering.

Nemy is also the founding Scientific Director of $100 million Canada-India Research Center (IC-IMPACTS).