Profs. Nemy Banthia and Pierre Bérubé unveil innovative new road in Thondebavi, India with IC-IMPACTS

Monday, December 14, 2015 | By Lindsay Cashin

Civil professor Nemy Banthia, CEO and Scientific Director of IC-IMPACTS, and Civil Professor Pierre Bérubé, UBC Co-director of Environmental Engineering, were in Thondebavi, India to unveil an innovative new road built using advanced, UBC-developed pavement technologies. The new road utilizes super-thin pavements and innovative fibers designed to increase its lifespan by 15 years, and is also integrated with water recovery systems, providing additional water resources to communities. This project addresses the Thondebavi community’s desperate need for improved road infrastructure, and the unique technologies used therein may be widely adopted into thousands of other community pavement projects across India and Canada.