UBC Concrete Canoe: “Spirit of the Competition” at the Canadian Nationals

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 | By Lindsay Cashin

UBC Concrete Canoe recently returned from the Canadian National Competition at the University of Toronto, proudly bearing the Spirit of the Competition Award.

Having just put the final exams behind them, the team embarked on their biggest trip of the year: four days in Toronto for the 21st CSCE Canadian National Competition, hosted at the University of Toronto. UBC Concrete Canoe was the only team to attend from Western Canada, and found themselves quickly welcomed into the community. UBC Concrete Canoe’s results included 8th for design paper, 8th for oral presentation, 9th for final product, and 11th overall for races including men’s, women’s and co-ed sprints and men’s and women’s endurance. The team was very pleased with their outcome of 10th overall in the competition. Furthermore, UBC Concrete Canoe’s boundless enthusiasm and commitment to networking and building community with their counterparts from other universities throughout the competition earned them the Spirit of the Competition Award. “It was an amazing experience, and we were so happy to be able to attend,” noted team member Flynn Dixon Murdock, adding “We are so grateful for all the support that has allowed us to attend such a standout event!” The team is grateful to all the sponsors and supporters who helped make their entry into the National Competition possible.