UBC Concrete Canoe wins 3rd place at ASCE Pacific Northwest competition

The UBC Concrete Canoe team’s journey in the summer of 2022 was filled with challenges, but their unwavering dedication and resilience propelled them to remarkable success. The team’s outstanding performance at the ASCE Pacific Northwest competition, securing 3rd place overall and achieving notable victories in the races, stands as a testament to their skill and perseverance.

In the summer of 2022, the team overcame the departure of senior leads and a loss of members who felt disconnected after the post-COVID period. The remaining committed team members rallied together and embarked on a mission to push the boundaries of their hydrodynamic design. Leveraging the power of computational fluid dynamics, they made significant advancements in enhancing the accuracy of their structural analysis.

They aimed to create a concrete canoe that would excel in both performance and innovation, through tireless experimentation and refinement.

Months of hard work and dedication culminated in an exceptional showing at the ASCE Pacific Northwest concrete canoe competition. Among the team’s remarkable achievements, one stands out as truly historic. Their paddlers achieved a momentous 1st place win in the races, marking a milestone never before accomplished in the team’s history. However, their achievements didn’t stop there. Their technical report category entry earned them a well-deserved 2nd place recognition, securing a 3rd place overall.

Buoyed by their recent success, the UBC concrete canoe team is eager to build upon their achievements and continue their winning streak. They recognize that their accomplishments were the result of unwavering dedication, collaboration, and the passion for pushing the boundaries of hydrodynamic design. With their sights set on future competitions, they are determined to further refine their techniques, embrace new technologies, and inspire the next generation of concrete canoe enthusiasts.