Dr. Jongho Lee and Dr. Ryan Ziels promoted to associate professor with tenure

Dr. Jongho Lee and Dr. Ryan Ziels have achieved a significant milestone in their academic careers by being promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at UBC Civil Engineering. This well-deserved recognition is a testament to their exceptional scholarship, dedication to teaching and mentorship, and exemplary service to the university.

Dr. Lee’s research in the field of water and energy nexus, with a specific focus on membrane-based technologies, has garnered significant attention and acclaim within the academic community. His groundbreaking work has made valuable contributions to the discovery of sustainable solutions for critical challenges related to water scarcity, energy efficiency, and environmental conservation.

In 2021, Dr. Lee’s outstanding contributions were honored with the prestigious New Frontier Research Funds, recognizing his remarkable efforts in developing artificial trees to construct cities that are resilient to extreme weather conditions. Additionally, Dr. Lee’s expertise in membrane science has earned him the distinguished role of being the sole Canadian member on the early career editorial board of the renowned Journal of Membrane Science.

Beyond his scholarly achievements, Dr. Lee demonstrates his unwavering commitment to finding sustainable solutions for environmental issues through the establishment of the CLEAN Lab. Leading a group of students, he actively explores technological advancements to tackle various problems in the water-energy nexus, fostering innovation and providing students with valuable hands-on experiences.

Similarly, Dr. Ryan Ziels has accomplished notable achievements throughout his academic journey. With a focus on environmental engineering and sustainability, his research centers around resource recovery through biological waste treatment processes for the betterment of human and environmental health. Specifically, he strives to advance the understanding of microbial ecology within these engineered processes, leading to improved performance in recovering water, nutrients, bioenergy, and other valuable resources. Currently, Dr. Ziels is engaged in investigating anaerobic treatment technologies for biomethane recovery and exploring microbial biotechnologies for nutrient removal.

Dr. Ziels actively contributes to UBC Future Waters, a research cluster that adopts a multidisciplinary approach to examine the future of water system design, management, policy, and governance. Within this cluster, Dr. Ziels and his research group concentrate on engineered systems that harness the immense potential of microorganisms, aligning their efforts with the overarching goal of achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal #6: providing clean water and sanitation for all. To gain deeper insights into the inner workings of microbial communities within engineered treatment systems, his group employs cutting-edge tools such as next-generation DNA, RNA, and protein sequencing.

With their exceptional expertise, dedication, and contributions to their respective fields, Dr. Jongho Lee and Dr. Ryan Ziels epitomize the excellence and innovation that UBC Civil Engineering strives for. Their promotions to the positions of Associate Professors with tenure further solidify their roles as influential scholars and leaders, paving the way for continued advancements in research, education, and the pursuit of sustainable solutions.