Dr. Ryan Ziels

Associate Professor

Environmental Systems Engineering

Office: CEME 2036

Email: rziels@civil.ubc.ca

Phone: 604-827-5211

Publications: Google Scholar

Website: emberrlab.civil.ubc.ca


Dr. Ryan Ziels joined UBC Civil Engineering in February 2017. His research is in the area of resource recovery via biological waste treatment processes for the benefit of human and environmental health. Specifically, he seeks to advance the knowledge of microbial ecology within these engineered processes, leading to improved performance in the recovery of water, nutrients, bioenergy, and other resources. Currently, Dr. Ziels is investigating anaerobic treatment technologies for the recovery of biomethane, as well as microbial biotechnologies for nutrient removal.

Dr. Ziels received his PhD and MSE degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington, and his BS degree in Environmental Resources Engineering from Humboldt State University.

Research Interests

Sustainable biological wastewater treatment, resource recovery, microbial ecology, multi-omics, anaerobic digestion, biological nutrient removal, microbial biotechnology.


CIVL 204 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering

CIVL 407 Environmental Lab Analysis

CIVL 569 Environmental Biotechnology


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