Master of Applied Science (MASc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Master of Engineering (MEng)

Minimum GPA requirements for Canadian and American students are found here.

Minimum GPA requirements for international students are found here.

For students from UBC’s undergraduate program, we require a minimum GPA in the third and fourth-year courses of 76%. 

Information regarding tuition and student fees can be found here.





Please note:

  • The Department accepts only the relevant IELTS and TOEFL, and has higher requirements than noted here.
  • The Department will not accept letters from granting institutions stating that the medium of instruction is English.
  • If your transcripts states that the medium of instruction for the institution is in English, then you do not need to provide the results of an English proficiency exam.
  • Score reports more than two years old will not be accepted.
  • We only require you to submit official hard copies of transcripts and or your IELTS if you have been recommended for admission to the program. If you are recommended you will receive an email from the department requesting your official documents. All the details you need, mailing address etc. will be contained in the email. 
  • We cannot accept IELTS/TOEFL scores after the application deadline. Once that deadline date has passed you will not be able to upload any documents.

*Applicants with a degree that is not in Civil Engineering may still be admitted with proper justification. Additional coursework may be required to complete your graduate degree. For more information, please contact

**For applicants whose degrees are from countries other than Australia, Botswana, Canada, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, UK, USA, Zaire, Zimbabwe and the English speaking countries of the West Indies, you are required to submit an official English language test score, typically TOEFL or IELTS. The following are the minimum test scores to be considered for admission into any of the graduate programs at the Department of Civil Engineering at UBC:

*** For the Master of Engineering (MENG) program. The application system will require you to complete all three fields of referee email addresses. Please enter your actual referee’s email address in the first field, and populate the second and third fields with a placeholder email address. Use your own email address or type If the system asks you for further detail about the second and third referees, write N/A in all fields.

**** While minimum GRE scores are not specified, these scores are taken into account with respect to decisions of competitive admission offers and associated funding.