Professor Sheryl Staub-French joins Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science, & Technology

Dr. Sheryl Staub-French has joined WWEST as Faculty Associate to work for improved gender diversity in engineering.  WWEST (Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science & Technology) is a program to support the recruitment and retention of women in engineering, science and technology on the west coast.  This program is funded through the NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering Program and the current Chairholder is Dr. Elizabeth Croft in Mechanical Engineering. The mission of the Chair is to advance engineering and science as welcoming careers that serve our world through holistic understanding and creative, appropriate and sustainable solutions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Professor Marc Parlange, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science, recently made the following announcement regarding WWEST:

 “…Because UBC Engineering is fully committed to working towards a student population that reflects the diversity of society, I want to support and continue this excellent work…I am delighted to announce that Professor Sheryl Staub-French will be taking on a new role as WWEST Faculty Associate.”

Click here for more information about WWEST.