Research Areas

Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Environmental Fluid Mechanics focuses on the understanding of the physical dynamics of water bodies with the aim of developing numerical models for the prediction of the impacts of climate change and human activities on lake circulation.

Environmental Systems Engineering

Environmental Systems Engineering is a field of study that focuses on protecting the health of our water, land and urban systems.

Geo-Environmental Engineering

Geo-environmental Engineering is an evolving field of study, dealing with contamination of soil as a result of human development. It involves knowledge from such diverse fields as geotechnical, environmental and chemical engineering, geology, hydrogeology, chemistry, microbiology and soil sciences.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering focuses on the properties and behaviour of soil and rock, flow of groundwater, as well as stability and settlement/deformation characteristics of slopes, retaining walls, and foundations.

Hydrotechnical Engineering

Hydrotechnical engineering is concerned with water, which plays a central role in irrigation, hydroelectric power production, water supply, navigation, flood control, erosion control, fisheries, drainage and land transport of pollutants.

Project & Construction Management

Project and Construction Management is focused on the development, use, and exchange of Building Information Models (BIM).

Structural & Earthquake Engineering

Structural engineering is the science and art of designing, analysing and constructing structures. Traditional civil engineering structures include buildings, bridges, towers, and dams designed to resist seismic, wind, and gravity forces.

Structural Materials

The general emphasis of research in the Materials program is on the relationship between the structure and the mechanical properties of Civil Engineering materials, especially portland cement and concrete, timber, and composites.

Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering is the application of science and technology in road safety, transportation planning, and intelligent transportation systems. Current projects are in road safety, truck impact, transportation system simulation, traffic engineering, transportation demand and forecasting, environmental impact of transportation, and intelligent transportation systems.