Environmental Engineering Labs

Main Labs

Research Lab 1: Resource recovery from wastewater, geoenvironmental engineering, storm water treatment (1301J)
Research Lab 4: Teaching Lab/Flex Space (1301)
Research Lab 2: Microbial ecology, drinking water treatment, emerging contaminants (1306)
Research Lab 3: Membrane technologies (1304)

Analytical Labs

Analytical Room 1
Analytical Room 2


Analytical Room 1
Lachat Flow Injection Analyzer
UV-Vis Spectrometer
Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
Varian Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Agilent ICP-MS
Ramehart Goniometer
Agilent Gas Chromatograph
Analytical Room 2 + Flex Space
HPLC Vanquish
LC-MS Orbitrap
Asylum Atomic Force Microscope
Perkin Elmer HPLC
Agilent GC-MS
Mandel Gas Chromatograph
Dionex Ion Chromatograph
Echo Fluorescence Microscope
Thermo FT-IR

CIRS Building

The CIRS piloting facilities enables investigations at larger scale as well as research in urban water and resource recovery 

The CIRS building and annex laboratory is a state-of-the art facility designed to advance the technological development of sustainable technologies that ‘close the loop’ on carbon, nutrients, and water in an urban campus context. The annex laboratory enables pilot scale investigations to:

  • develop technological innovations essential to eliminate energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment,
  • recover high-value products from wastewater, greywater, and solid waste – such as biofuels, nutrients for use as renewable fertilizers, and water of reusable quality,
  • evaluate sustainable technologies for treating rainwater collected from the roof,
  • generate a knowledge base of sustainable building-level water management to inform future construction and development projects.