UBC Civil Engineering Teams Excelled in Regional Competitions, Headed to Nationals

The American Society of Civil Engineering chapter of UBC (UBC ASCE Student Chapter) has successfully hosted the 2024 ASCE Pacific Northwest symposium. The two-day event took place on April 6th and 7th. Over 350 participants, judges, and volunteers from the United States and Canada competed in four competitions: Steel Bridge, Concrete Canoe, Sustainable Solutions and Mead Paper

UBC Steel Bridge has secured their ticket to the 2024 Student Steel Bridge Competition Nationals after achieving remarkable success at the regional qualifiers hosted at UBC. Placing second overall, the UBC Steel Bridge team showcased exceptional skill and precision in various categories. Notably, they won first place in Construction Economy, second in Lightness, and third in Construction Speed and Cost Estimation. This achievement marks the team’s third consecutive year earning a spot at the Nationals. Competing against universities across the Pacific Northwest division, the UBC Steel Bridge team has gained invaluable experience and is eager to showcase their talents at Nationals held at Louisiana Tech University.

UBC Steel Bridge

“UBC Steel Bridge’s success in the Steel Bridge Competition is attributed to the commitment and active participation of all its members. Building a 20-foot-long steel bridge is no easy task to balance with a full engineering course load,” said Rod Betonio, UBC Steel Bridge’s co-captain. “Thanks to all team members’ hard work over the past 8 months and to team members: An Vo, Jessi Nguyen, and Takahiro Mori for assisting in the planning and execution of the competition! A special thank you to all the sponsors that have supported the team for the past 25 years!”

Meanwhile, UBC Concrete Canoe team has garnered attention for their innovative sustainability approach by incorporating aerogel particles into their lightweight concrete. Their research focused on advancing performance and eco-friendliness. Last week, they secured second place in multiple categories, including Project Proposal, Technical Presentation, and Final Product. The team’s paddlers achieved notable success in various race categories, with top finishes in Men’s Sprints, Men’s Slalom, and Coed Sprints, as well as second-place finishes in Women’s Slalom and Women’s Sprints, culminating in an overall second-place team finish.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Shen Wang and Obinna Onuaguluchi of the Civil Materials Lab, whose consistent mentorship and assistance during weekly tests have been invaluable to our team’s success. Additionally, we appreciate Doug Hudniuk for efficiently handling our deliveries and generously lending his tools. Special thanks to the Civil Finance Team for their diligent management of our reimbursements. Lastly, we sincerely appreciate our faculty advisor, Omar Swei, for his unwavering support and guidance that exceeded our expectations,” expressed Mathew Tse, the team captain.

UBC Concrete Canoe

The UBC Civil’s design teams eagerly anticipates their representation on the national stage. The upcoming national events will not only provide an opportunity for the teams to shine but also to learn from and connect with peers from across the country.

Reflecting on the Symposium and the achievements that our design teams brought home, the UBC ASCE team echoes a sense of pride and anticipation for the future. “The UBC ASCE team is proud to represent our school and Civil Engineering department, and is excited to see our team grow in the years to come after the accomplishments from this year,” encapsulates their collective spirit and aspirations.

UBC ASCE Student Chapter