UBC Concrete Canoe

The UBC Concrete Canoe Design Team is an extra-curricular club that gives students hands-on experience with concrete design. The team consists of engineering students from first year to fourth year. The yearly challenge is to design, fabricate and race a 20-foot long canoe made of concrete, with a lower density than water (normal concrete being 2-3 times denser than water) and durable enough to be used in multiple races with two or four paddlers onboard.

Participating in this extracurricular team provides students the opportunity to apply civil engineering principles in design, and to gain hands-on experience in a safe, supportive learning environment.  This team helps students see familiar challenges in new ways and to discover just how powerful engineering can be. This year they will be competing in the ASCE Regional Competition in Moscow, Idaho and the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition in Montreal, Quebec.


Website: yesitfloats.com

To donate to the team, please click the donation button below. If you’re a company that is interested in sponsoring the team please email Flynn Dixon Murdock at sponsorship@ubcconcretecanoe.ca.