Canadian and Indian Prime Ministers speak on bilateral relations

Monday, April 20, 2015 | By Lindsay Cashin

In the first visit to Canada by an Indian Prime Minister in 42 years, the Honourable Narendra Modi was hosted by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a trip to Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver in mid-April, 2015.

In a joint statement addressing the full spectrum of bilateral relations between the two nations, the two Prime Ministers made special mention of IC-IMPACTS when addressing the topics of science, technology, innovation, and space. Holding IC-IMPACTS up as an example of a successful Indian-Canadian partnership for research and development offering benefits to society at large, the leaders agreed to provide further support to the type of work done by IC-IMPACTS, in the areas of safe and sustainable infrastructure, integrated water management, and public health.

“It’s heartening to see a proud mention of IC-IMPACTS achievements in two prime ministers’ joint statement,” notes Civil professor and Scientific Director/CEO of IC-IMPACTS, Dr. Nemy Banthia. Read the joint statement in full.

IC-IMPACTS is a federally funded Canada-India Research Center of Excellence hosted at UBC. It’s the first International Network of Centers of Excellence.