Design & Construction Coordination with Building Information Modelling

1:30pm – 2:30pm
KAISER 2020/2030

“Design & Construction Coordination with Building Information Modelling”
By Dr. Sheryl Staub-French
Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering


The construction industry faces significant challenges, including increased design complexity, a fragmented supply chain, compressed project timelines, tightening budgets, and stagnant productivity. Building Information Modeling (BIM) holds great promise for addressing these challenges, enabling project teams to collaboratively construct virtual building models to support design, construction and operations. However, successful implementation of BIM requires drastic changes in the organization of work, and it remains unclear how to best integrate these digital representations into work practices that are becoming intensely collaborative. This seminar will present research that was conducted in collaboration with computer scientists to study BIM implementation on several building projects at UBC. These studies have led to the development of new tools and techniques to interact with, visualize, and integrate these models to better support multi-disciplinary decision processes.


Dr. Staub-French is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering. She received her BS in Civil Engineering from Santa Clara University and her MS and PhD from Stanford University. She has over 15 years of consulting and research experience studying the technological, organizational, and procedural issues of BIM implementation. She is actively engaged with industry to advance BIM adoption, currently serving as a member of the Education and Research Committee of the Canada BIM Council (CanBIM) and the Technical Advisory Committee for the Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC).